Cameron Mott! ~ designer/animator
Target Back to School A campaign of various spots promoting back to school products.
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Taking inspiration from Pop-Art legends such as Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring, this project used Youtube famous dancers, such as Maddie Ziegler, to promote back to school wear and supplies. I was responsible for all the animation in this spot of the campaign as well as recreating the blond kid's sunglasses. As well as various other tasks for the seven spots in the campaign. For the entire campaign my logo design and animation, "Rollercoaster," was chosen for the end of each spot.
In this spot for the campaign, I animated and designed the segment from 00:12 - 00:17.
Frame 001 of 00:12 - 00:17.
Frame 002 of 00:12 - 00:17.
Frame 003 of 00:12 - 00:17.
Frame 004 of 00:12 - 00:17.
Frame 005 of 00:12 - 00:17.
I initially animated much more of the background for this particular spot, but it was decided that this one should show off the child Actors. Using minimal animation to mirror the minimal design style in order to further the contrast between the kids' dance moves and the background. Production Co.: Rabbit Content Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors - David Brodie VFX/Finishing: Framestore Los Angeles Music: Tori Kelly Programs: Photoshop Illustrator After Effects
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